So Much to Be Thankful For!

Fiji Airways

Our flight to Fiji

This year has been one filled with so many wonderful blessings!  The Lord brought us safely to Fiji and we began to establish a foundation for life and ministry here.  We are continually reminded that although God’s plan is not always easy, it is perfect and He is so good!

Jordan Taj and Tori at CTEF

Our arrival at Fiji Bible College

Jordan Taj Tori with Faith and Grace

Faith and Grace Gates visited shortly after our arrival in Fiji

Jordan and Faith

Jordan picking up coconuts and fruit at the roadside market

Taj at VBS

Taj has loved our local church and ministry at Fiji Bible College!  He enjoyed being a part of VBS this year!

Shipping Container

We are grateful our shipping container arrived!

Unloading Container

Many of our Fijian friends helped unload the container

Taj with His Tools

Taj loved watching and helping with his tools!


The MacArthur Study Bibles, Biblical Doctrine, and donated books are such a blessing for the ministry here!

Family with Ravinds

The Ravind Family are now dear friends!

Family with Rodney

Rodney’s visits from Samoa are a great encouragement!

Jordan and Mrs Nair at Church

Jordan has treasured her friendship with Mrs. Nair


Taj has enjoyed his neighborhood friends!

Tori Airport

Tori had to fly to Auckland for emergency medical treatment after a bug bite became infected

Starship with Pastor Andre

The Lord used His church in New Zealand to care for us!

Tori 1

Tori finally got use out of her sweater and learned the word “Brrr” in New Zealand

Tori 2

Even in quarantine, the Lord provided a kind nurse to play with her!

Tori 3

Tori was in a lot of pain, but was very brave!

Tori 4

Tori was not so happy about the IV in her arm


Tori’s perpetually good attitude is a joy!

Tori Reading

We thank the Lord that Tori fully recovered!


A few weeks ago we jumped right back into life in Fiji!

Gospel Retreat Center

We are so thankful for the ministry that the Lord has for us in Fiji!


The people are precious and such a blessing!


Our family is so thankful for all of your prayers and support and we thank God for his kindness and provision for us to serve Him in Fiji!


2 thoughts on “So Much to Be Thankful For!

  1. These pictures and comments are just precious! Thank you for the update! What you are doing matters eternally as you invest in lives for the kingdom! We are praying for you guys for strength and continued joy in the Lord! Love you and miss you so much!


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