Fiji Ministry Update

Fiji Bible College Graduation
It was a blessing to celebrate the Bible college’s 48th graduation! Please pray for those who will be returning to various islands and nations across the South Pacific. Many of these graduates are on their way back to Vanuatu, Tonga, and The Solomon Islands.

Fiji Bible College Summer Reading Program
Jordan enjoyed leading our annual Bible College Summer Reading Program. Each year, during the student’s Summer break (Winter in the USA), we host a fun competition to encourage the students to continue to read when they return back to their islands and villages for the holidays. Participating in the Summer Reading Program has become a family tradition and Taj and Tori have loved helping out. Taj has been improving his reading skills and has been inspired to try to read along with the Bible college students!

Fiji Bible Church Sunday School Year End Ceremony
Jordan was given the great honor of being the chief guest at the Sunday School Year End Ceremony. Over this past year, we have become more involved in helping with Sunday School and it is sweet to see Taj and Tori eager to participate with the other children at our church.

Thanksgiving with Family
One of the most challenging aspects of living in the South Pacific is being in such a remote location far away from family. We were incredibly grateful to have Jordan’s parents visit us in Fiji! It was a special treat to be with family and the kids loved having time with Grandma and Grandpa! Although Thanksgiving dinner was delayed due to most of us being sick, we enjoyed a small meal together a few days later. I am not exactly sure where they came up with the idea, but Taj and Tori had a wonderful time building mashed potato snowmen!

Outer Island Ministry
The Lord is continuing to bless the outer island ministry! Every village we have met with in the outer islands has been hungry for biblical training and solid theological resources. It is our desire that the Lord will provide the resources and means necessary for us to grow this aspect of our ministry in Fiji!

1) We thank the Lord for a successful year at Fiji Bible College. It is a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful school!
2) The Lord has been providing additional support for the ministry here!

Current Needs
1) We currently have a shortfall of $400 on our monthly ministry budget.
2) We are praying that the Lord will provide one-time gifts to help us as we are growing our outer island ministry.

Prayer Requests
1) Please pray for the development and growth of the outer island ministry.
2) For godly friends for Taj and Tori.
3) We are facing challenges building our home due to global inflation.
4) The recent Fiji Bible College graduates as they return home.
5) The several teaching, training, and counseling opportunities we have across Fiji.

-Michael, Jordan, Taj, Tori, and baby Kai