A New Year, A Season of Change

Goodbye to Our Dog Willow
According to our Fijian friends, Willow had the potential to be the first dog of her kind to set foot on the beautiful Fijian islands.  However, through much prayer willowand advice from our respected veterinarian, we decided that Willow would be much happier living a California life than being a missionary pup.  The parents of our dear friends Eric and Esther Lan were willing to become Willow’s new family and this past weekend the Lan family  welcomed Willow into their home.  She is already being spoiled rotten and besides Taj walking around saying her name, it seems like he has not noticed that his favorite snuggling companion is not around anymore.

A New Place to Live
In December, we said goodbye to PAC Properties where we had worked as apartment managers for over 7 years.  We are so thankful for the blessing it was to our family and for the friendships we made.  With this transition we also left our apartment that was our home through so many pivotal years from Michael starting seminary to bringing our son Taj home from the hospital when he was born.

The Lord blessed us with the opportunity to move closer to friends and family and we moved up to Castaic just before the holidays.  Our friends Ryan and Amanda Hobbiebrunken bought a home right across from the Tyson’s (Michael’s sister and her family) and have graciously offered to let us rent a couple rooms of their home as we prepare for this last season stateside.  Michael’s parents were a huge help with our move and drove a moving truck with the bulk of our things back to their home in Texas to eventually be loaded on the shipping container bound for Fiji.

While this has been a big change for our family, we have been enjoying being closer to church, friends and family, and Taj is loving playing with baby Sophie Hobbiebrunken and his cousins across the street!

This season has become one of great transition for our family with both exciting movement toward Fiji and the start of sad goodbyes, but we see the kindness of the Lord each and every day.  We are constantly reminded that we are simply stewards, temporarily borrowing what the Lord gives us.  We praise God for His perfect provision in each and every season!