Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Acid Rain, Cyclones, Floods, and… It’s a Boy!

2022 has been incredibly eventful and much has happened over the past month! From joys to trials, the Lord is continually faithful and is working to bring about His perfect will in every aspect of our lives and ministry!

Volcanoes, Tsunamis, and Acid Rain
On Saturday afternoon, we were playing with Taj and Tori and we heard several consecutive booming noises. Our first thought was that someone was setting off some New Year’s fireworks a little bit late, but some friends sent a message informing us that a volcano in Tonga was erupting about 500 miles away. We are about the same distance from Tonga as San Diego is from San Francisco and we could feel the reverberation from the volcano. Please pray for those in Tonga! One of our students at the Bible college is from Tonga and he is unable to contact his family because the internet connection and phone lines are down (The underground cable running from Suva, Fiji to Tonga was likely damaged during the eruption). Last night, our family evacuated for a few hours due to tsunami warnings for those who live in low elevations in Fiji, but we are now back at home and safe for the time being. There are currently warnings of acid rain across Fiji, so we will be staying inside as rain is in the forecast for the next week.

Cyclones and Floods
About 1 week ago, we had a small cyclone pass through Fiji. Although the winds were not nearly as strong as other cyclones we have had in the past, the flooding in Fiji was significant. Our yard had about two feet of water and a neighbor made the comment that we could take our boat (a Fijian style fiberglass boat that was pulled out of the water and put on tires at the beginning of cyclone season) for a quick getaway if the flood waters continued to rise. The waters stopped inches away and did not enter our home, but many Fijian’s homes were flooded. We lost power and had a generator running part time up until a couple days ago just before the volcano erupted and tsunami warnings began. My trusty 7 year old laptop just happened to die the day the cyclone arrived, but I was able to get some help to revive it for the time being! The whole family is regularly prepared for the extreme weather of the South Pacific, but each event brings its own challenges. Some meteorologists have said that there may be another cyclone on its way toward Fiji. We are trusting the Lord, but we appreciate your prayers!

We Are Having a Baby Boy!
You may already know, but Jordan is due with our 3rd child that we are expecting to meet this May! We are praising the Lord and are so excited about this precious baby boy! Taj and Tori are thrilled to have a baby brother and we are grateful that all is going well so far. Jordan is such a trooper to handle homeschooling, cyclones, heat, and humidity in the midst of this pregnancy! Please pray for her as presses on through the next few months before the delivery.

A New School Year Begins at Fiji Bible College
Please pray as we are preparing to begin our next school year at Fiji Bible College next week, Lord willing! We are taking one day at a time and are regularly seeing the goodness of God in the midst of the joys and trials of life!