Teaching at Fiji Bible College

Teaching at Fiji Bible College

One of the most exciting moments of our time on the mission field so far was my first First Day Teaching (with Taj and Tori)day of teaching!  We are serving in Fiji so that the South Pacific will have strong local churches equipped with pastors who are well-trained to preach the gospel and shepherd their flocks.  It was an immense joy to meet my first-year students who arrived from all across the Fijian Islands, Tuvalu, and India.  Many of the other returning students are from neighboring island nations Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and others in the South Pacific.  They are so eager to learn and many of them desire to pursue full-time pastoral ministry!  The students are studying everything from: Old and New Testament, Hermeneutics, Biblical Languages, Spiritual Life (Fundamentals of the Faith, Prayer, Worship), Preaching, and Discipleship & Biblical Counseling.  These young men are incredibly committed and have a rigorous schedule beginning at 5am with classes starting as early as 6am.  Please pray for these students as they pour their hearts into ministry preparation and many of them are very far from home!

First day Teaching at Fiji Bible College

Student Orientation at Fiji Bible College


Prayer Requests:

  1. Praise:Tori second birthday We recently celebrated our precious daughter Tori’s 2nd birthday and we do not take this for granted!  As many of you know, Tori had a significant health challenge after being bitten by a bug and had a major infection. We praise the Lord as she has fully recovered and has not shown any lingering issues following this trial!
  2. Homeschooling: Jordan has recently begun homeschooling Taj.  She is an excellent teacher, but would love your prayers as she aims to educate him well.  Taj is 4 years old and is eager to learn and we are praying that God will direct his little heart!
  3. Outer Island Ministry: The Lord has provided some wonderful opportunities to bring biblical training to the outer islands in Fiji!  These remote islands are a focal point of our ministry and we are thrilled that God is opening doors in this area!  Please pray for wisdom, discernment, and resources as we serve these islands!
  4. Monthly Support: In our recent newsletter, we mentioned that we have settled in Fiji and our ministry opportunities are growing!  We have received some additional ministry parters and we are now praying that the Lord will bring $500 of monthly support as we prepare to reach out to the outer islands in Fiji.
  5. Shipping Container:  We have been provided with an invaluable collection of books for the Fiji Bible College library from my former seminary professor, Dr. Greg Harris. Dr. Harris played a key role in our family ministering here and also was a good friend and mentor to Premend Choy.  As he now faces a terminal diagnosis he has graciously gifted his library to the ministry here.  We have over half of the shipping costs covered and are currently praying for the Lord to provide the remaining $6,000 for a shipping container to bring these additional ministry resources to Fiji.

We thank the Lord for your prayers and support!

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