New Students & A Growing Ministry

This video describes our Outer Island Ministry and an opportunity with Crossway Books. (Click on the image above to watch)

Fiji Bible College Orientation

We are thankful that the Bible college has begun its 49th year of pastoral training! We have welcomed several new students from Fiji and the South Pacific!

Pastoral and Theological Resources

The Lord is continuing to bring ministry partners to help us train and equip pastors with the resources they need to be effective in ministry in Fiji and the South Pacific. We are incredibly thankful for Crossway Books,, and many of you who are helping us get resources to pastors and churches throughout the islands!

The Shepherds Conference

A last minute opportunity arose for me to attend The 2023 Shepherds Conference in Los Angeles, California. It was my first time being back at this wonderful event since I arrived in Fiji nearly 4 years ago. There were several aspects that made this time special. One in particular is that I had the opportunity to meet a friend, Stanley from Samoa (pictured above – immediately to my right), for the first time in person. You might remember that he contacted me in the middle of Covid because he found me on social media and heard I had attended The Master’s Seminary and he was interested in receiving training for pastoral ministry. He began participating in distance education with Fiji Bible College shortly after and it was a joy to meet him face to face as he came to California for The Shepherds Conference!

Evangelism and Youth Outreach

Dear friends from our local church and Joseva Bau (a graduate of Fiji Bible College) have been faithfully visiting families in the Nadi area and we thank the Lord for the opportunity to share the Gospel! This has been a sweet opportunity for our whole family to be able to share the Gospel with those in our community. Please pray that many would come to saving faith through these meetings!

Our Family

Taj and Tori have absolutely loved having Kai as a baby brother! It is sweet to see the joy that they experience spending time with him on a daily basis. Taj has also started playing soccer in Nadi and he has had a blast learning how to be a goalie!

Our Home in Fiji

We are thankful that progress is being made as we are building our home in Fiji. Although there are a number of challenges in the building process, we are moving forward and are praying that our home will be built by the end of the year! If you or anyone you know are skilled in any part of the home building process (plumbers, electricians, tiling, flooring, etc.) we would love to have you visit if you have any desire to help!

1) We have a wonderful group of students at Fiji Bible College and are thankful for those who have started their 1st year!
2) The Lord has brought additional ministry partners to support us on a monthly basis!
3) For the many friends and ministry partners who have come alongside us for the sake of the gospel!

Current Needs
1) We are praying that the Lord will provide one-time gifts to help us as we continue to grow our outer island ministry.
2) Please pray that things will go smoothly as we continue to try to build our home.

Prayer Requests
1) Please pray for the development and growth of the outer island ministry.
2) Continued prayer for godly friends for Taj and Tori.
3) The many teaching, training, and counseling opportunities we have across Fiji.
4) For the Lord to help sustain our family’s health during upcoming travels.

-Michael, Jordan, Taj, Tori, and baby Kai