A New School Year at Fiji Bible College

The 2021 Student Body

The 2021 School Year Has Begun

By the grace of God, the Bible College has begun its 47th year of training men for pastoral ministry! We have a wonderful group of young men that are excited to prepare for a life of serving the Lord!

Please pray for 6 first year students (all from various islands within Fiji due to COVID-19 travel restrictions) and the other students who have remained in Fiji from Tonga, The Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and India. These young men have sacrificed much to pursue ministry training and have a rigorous semester ahead.

We praise the Lord for the rare opportunity to have two students from Tuvalu, which is the least visited country in the world and has a population of less than 12,000 people. Due to Tuvalu’s isolated nature, the community there is tight-knit and we pray for God to use these young men to have a mighty impact on that nation.

Summer Reading Program

Jordan and I co-led a “Summer Reading Program” during the Christmas Break. The students had an opportunity to improve their language, reading, and critical thinking skills while having an opportunity to read for fun and personal growth. The students read everything from Biblical Counseling and theology books to children’s books out loud to kids in their villages. It was a huge success and so popular even the first years joined in for the final two weeks! We celebrated their amazing achievements with an end of break pizza party and prizes for their hard work.

Prayer Requests and Praises:

Our 6 First Year Students from throughout Fiji

· We are grateful that the Lord has been gracious in Fiji’s recovery from the two most recent cyclones. We are also praying for everyone in Texas as they recover from their winter storm. Many of our dear friends and family members live there and have experienced the effects of the severe freeze.

· We praise the Lord that Fiji is COVID-19 free and ministry opportunities are flourishing during this unique season around the globe.

· Pray for Jordan as she continues to homeschool and shepherd Taj and Tori and serve in Women’s ministry and biblical counseling ministry in the local church.

· Pray as we continue to make progress toward expanding pastoral training and biblical counseling to the outer islands of Fiji.