Our Return to Fiji!

Our Time in The United States
We had a wonderful time being in the United States this past Summer! The primary reason for our visit was so that Jordan could give birth to baby Kai Andrew Seehusen who was born on May 24, 2022! He was 19.5 inches and 8 lbs 9 ounces. Although there were some challenges during delivery, we praise the Lord for His kindness and protection of Jordan and Kai. They are both doing well and as you can see in the photos below, Kai is a sweet and happy little guy!

One of the greatest blessings we experienced while visiting California and Texas was seeing many of you! We had the opportunity to be a part of vacation Bible school, which was one of the highlights of the trip for the entire family! It was a joy to connect with friends and family who we had not seen in over three years. We are thankful that God allowed us to see so many of you and know that you are very much a part of our ministry and we are in this together!

Back in Fiji
We have been grateful to be back in Fiji and with those that we are serving here! Everyone has readjusted well and we hit the ground running! Jordan is currently homeschooling Taj and Tori and Kai is enjoying his new home. Although I was able to teach classes via Zoom during our travels, it has been wonderful to resume in-person teaching at Fiji Bible College. Nothing replaces being with the men in person and seeing them face-to-face! I have also been able to visit many of the outer islands to continue to grow the reach of our pastoral training ministry!  When we left in April for the baby, much of our island was still affected by Covid restrictions and few visitors were in Fiji. It was an amazing sight on our return to find the island teeming with visitors and new businesses that had opened in just a few short months. We are thrilled for the Fijian’s local economy and so excited that ministry is moving forward!

Hosting Visitors and Missions Teams
After almost 3 years without visitors due to Covid lockdowns it has been an incredible blessing to be able to finally host visitors from different churches. One particularly special guest for us to have here was my (Michael’s) mom visit us in Fiji for the first time! She was able to fly back with our family to help us get resettled after months away and we are so thankful for her tireless effort to love on our family during our transition home. She is an incredible Nana, mother, and advocate for the ministry here and it was sweet to be able to have her spend time with Taj, Tori, and Kai. During her time here, we also were able to have her visit the Bible College and meet Savita (Dr. Nair’s wife pictured above) and see some of our outer island ministry first hand.
We are thankful that Justin and Noel Lay from Placerita Bible Church were able to spend some time with us as well! PBC sent them as a “mini missions team” to serve us through videography. During their trip, they recorded videos to help us communicate what the Lord is doing at Fiji Bible College, in the South Pacific, and in the outer islands of Fiji! We are so thankful for PBC sending them out and serving us in this way! We are looking forward to having more footage to share with you all in the future! 

Launching the Outer Island Ministry
The Lord has been kind in opening doors in many of the outer islands spread across Fiji! These islands often have a few hundred to thousands of people and we are aiming to provide pastoral training and equipping for the local churches in these remote locations. It has been encouraging to meet the chiefs, pastors, and church leaders and to hear that many of them have been praying for the opportunities that we are aiming to bring to them. Our goal is to strengthen the churches on these islands so that they are able to proclaim Christ through the preaching and teaching of the Word and meet spiritual needs through godly counsel. Many of the people on these islands would love to attend Fiji Bible College, but are unable to do so due to the long distance between their island and the main island of Viti Levu. We are hoping that the Lord will allow us to bring the training to them and provide them with the resources necessary to train others.

1) The addition of baby Kai to our family! He is already such a joy and we are beyond grateful for the faithful prayers of all our partners during his arrival!
2) Our return to Fiji was much smoother than anticipated thanks to the Lord providing through the kindness of our Fiji neighbors who kept our home occupied during our absence and for my mom who graciously helped cleaned and unpacked on our return.  
3.) The abundance of new ministry opportunities and the official reopening of travel to the island!

Current Needs
1) We currently have a shortfall of $1,300 on our monthly ministry budget
2) We are praying that the Lord will provide about $50,000 to help us launch and grow our outer island ministry

Prayer Requests
1) Please pray for the development and growth of the outer island ministry;
2) For Fiji Bible College and the students that are preparing to graduate in about a month and a half;
3) The several teaching, training, and counseling opportunities we have across Fiji and
4) Jordan as she homeschools Taj and Tori while caring for baby Kai.

-Michael, Jordan, Taj, Tori, and baby Kai

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