Fall Ministry Update

Fiji Bible College Graduation

We praise the Lord that we were able to celebrate the 46th Graduation at Fiji Bible College! These students have invested the last 4 years of their lives in studying the Word of God, while making many sacrifices to achieve this! They have woken up daily around 5am, performed physically challenging tasks as they labored to maintain the Bible college campus, cooked for one another, cleaned regularly, studied diligently in the library, and served in the local church. These graduates will be transitioning into various roles in ministry throughout the South Pacific as pastors, youth leaders, teachers, and evangelists. Please pray for these godly young men as they embark on their next season of life and ministry!

Teaching and Evangelizing in Fiji

It was a wonderful semester teaching Biblical Counseling at Fiji Bible College! The students were incredibly engaged and eager to connect what they were learning with the contexts that they would be returning to in the future. We are incredibly grateful for the biblical counseling resources that were donated as many of the students have already found them to be life changing.

When we are not at the Bible College, we enjoy spending time participating in outreaches and evangelism opportunities in our community. I recently had the opportunity to present the gospel to over 500 young students at a school near our local church. One of the elders of our church has been committed to helping provide lunches for many children whose parents are out of work due to COVID-19 layoffs. Since many Fijian families were living at or beneath the poverty line prior to COVID-19, the sustained global pandemic has only added to their economic hardship. We are so thankful the Lord has allowed our church body to serve in many practical ways during this season and we are so blessed to be able to participate in the amazing ministry they are doing. In addition to this, we were able to provide the school administration with some new soccer balls that were donated to our ministry. It was a joy to see their excitement for the gospel and to create a partnership with them that we look forward to continuing in the years to come.

Jordan, Taj & Tori

We are glad that Taj and Tori love being together! It is hard to believe that Tori recovered from her bug bite 1 year ago!

Jordan has done an excellent job balancing life in the home, while still serving others throughout Fiji. She has loved getting to know many women within the Fijian Bible churches in addition to those in our community. One of her favorite recent moments was being invited to lead a young women’s get-together where she taught on the attributes of God. It was an encouraging time and Jordan was grateful for the chance to share the gospel with several non-believers and also encourage the young women in the group who are already walking with the Lord!

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the graduates who will be returning to various nations and villages throughout the South Pacific!

2 thoughts on “Fall Ministry Update

  1. What a blessing to see & hear those your are passing the baton to to spread the Good News. The kids are growing up & so thankful for the way you all have poured yourselves into ministering in Figi. Hugs, Carolyn McGuire


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