End of Summer Update

Biblical Counseling At the Bible College

It has been a joy teaching at Fiji Bible College! We are currently half-way through the second semester and it has been a privilege to teach Intro to Biblical Counseling this semester. My students are Student Picturefocused and eager to grow in their understanding of God’s Word and its application to every day life. From the time in the classroom, individual student discipleship, and a number of counseling cases our family has taken on; I am regularly reminded of why God has called us to the South Pacific. We are so excited to see how the Lord will continue to work and expand the ministry of equipping these future pastors and strengthening churches in these islands!

Answered Prayers – Shipping Container

Unloading Truck

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support! The Lord has worked through your faithful prayers and generosity in amazing ways! As many of you may remember, Dr. Greg Harris donated his library to Fiji Bible College and we have been working very hard to bring this second shipping container for many months. However, COVID 19 brought a series of unexpected challenges and delays. We were working around a tight deadline and had until the end of July to bring these items into Fiji. In the providence of God, the shipping container literally arrived on the final day of the deadline. In addition to Dr. Harris’ library, through the generous donations of many of you, God provided an incredible amount of additional books for the Bible college Playground Bible Collegelibrary. We also received more Bibles for our local pastors, a used commercial quality playground for the Gospel Retreat Center (something that Dr. Nair has been praying for specifically for many years), and a grant was given to provide over a hundred soccer balls for island outreach and evangelism along with so much more. It was very evident that the container was packed with so much love for our family, the college, and the ministry here in Fiji. Jordan said that opening the container doors with the young men from the Bible college felt like getting a hug from the USA. We praise the Lord for His kindness and are regularly encouraged knowing that so many of you are constantly supporting and praying for the ministry here!

Taj and Tori

One of the many joys of life on the mission field is watching my children grow in a unique context outside of the United States. During some special time with Premend Choy (the head of Fiji Bible College) and his family, we went fishing close to our home. Taj brought his toy fishing pole and just minutes after asking for real Taj Fishingbait, caught his first fish! After we released the small fish, Taj turned to me as I asked him if he was excited he caught a fish. He replied, “Yeah, but I’m a little sad. I thought we were going to take him home to cook him and eat him.” It is apparent that Taj has embraced that aspect of life in Fiji!

Tori Eating Donut

Tori has now spent nearly half of her life in Fiji! She does not remember the United States like Taj does, but we regularly talk to her about California, Texas, and everyone in the States. Tori was thrilled to enjoy a rare American treat when we found donuts here in Fiji!

Grandma Anderson

There has been a significant amount of change that has occurred in our lives over the last year or so. One of the most difficult has been saying goodbye to those whom we love. My grandmother, Lucile Anderson, recently went to be with the Lord at the age of 104. She holds a special place in my heart as she has always showed specific care and intentionality to know me and love me. Despite spending much of her life on a farm in Colorado, she loved to travel and always sought an opportunity to bring others along on her adventures to see the world. When I was 10 years old, she brought me with her on a P8270719trip to Singapore, which is now a place I have many cherished friendships. After Jordan and I were married, my grandma took us on a trip to Norway. She taught us much about handling death and tragedy as we witnessed the unexpected death of a fellow traveller. She was tough, funny, resilient and the epitome of a seasoned woman. She saw so much in her 104 years, worked so hard, and even at the end of her life, was an active and loved part of the body of Christ. We loved hearing her stories of growing up during the Great Depression, how her father was a pastor, and how the Lord always took care of her and her family. She also was a faithful supporter of our ministry here in Fiji. I am so thankful for her and I do not know if I would be in ministry today if it were not for the way that she lead her family to love and fear God. She was an incredible woman in so many ways and we are grateful that she is now in heaven and that we will see her again!

Prayer Requests

(1) Please pray that the students will finish the school year strong. Despite the delays brought by COVID 19, we are scheduled to finish the semester in November, only one month behind the original schedule.

(2) For the leadership transition from Dr. Narayan Nair to Premend Choy to continue to go well. We are now in the second generation of the ministry of Fiji Bible College and all is going well even though 2020 is not what anyone expected. Dr. Nair is still teaching classes and we praise the Lord that he is currently in good health.

(3) Pray for us as we continue to prepare for 2021 in the midst of many unknowns. We would typically be working through logistics with churches and Bible conference speakers, but Fiji still has many travel restrictions. The Lord has already determined what is best and we are trusting Him as we make our plans. In the meantime, please pray as we aim to take full advantage of the ministry opportunities that this unique season has provided!

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