Life & Ministry During Covid-19

Covid-19 has brought many changes around the world.  By the grace of God, the final patient with Covid-19 in Fiji has officially recovered, but we are still experiencing its effects as a nation.

Local Church

Although the lockdowns and quarantined areas in Fiji have opened up, local church and Dr Nair Preaching via Zoomlarge social gatherings are still restricted.  We have had the joy of having Dr. Narayan Nair (the founder of Fiji Bible College) preach via Zoom church meetings.  We truly miss the in person fellowship, but the Lord has been faithful to keep the Fijian Bible Churches strong during this time and the ministry continues!

Fiji Bible College

As Covid-19 began to spread throughout Fiji, the government was quick to respond by closing borders and all public gatherings.  During this time, I had the opportunity to Fiji Bible College on Zoomteach online via Zoom.  We are now able to resume in-class instructions with extra precautions and it is an incredible blessing that I do not take for granted!  It is wonderful to be back on campus and the students are thriving in spite of the recent challenges!  Please pray as we prepare to complete our first semester in the next two weeks and quickly pick up to begin our second semester where I will be teaching biblical counseling!

Ministry Opportunities and Our Community

We are absolutely confident in the sovereignty of our Lord to work all things together for Koto with MacArthur Study Biblegood!  The ministry opportunities in Fiji have been abundant during this season.  In response to many conversations here regarding anxiety, I made videos discussing a 31 day devotional titled Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace, which was written by my dear friend Paul Tautges.  If you have an opportunity to look at it, I highly recommend this resource! (Click HERE to see Paul’s Devotional on Amazon) We have been encouraged by the interaction with many here that have watched these and have been considering eternity and asking spiritual questions.

We are incredibly thankful for the many resources that the Lord has provided through many of you!  Our friend Koto (pictured on the right) has been leading Bible studies on another nearby island with one of the MacArthur Study Bibles that we were able to give him.  We thank the Lord for His provision through you!

Our Family

There have been many joys and trials during this time.  Jordan said goodbye to her beloved Grandma Petrie who is now in heaven.  Unfortunately, Covid-19 prevented her from seeing her in person, but we are grateful that she has the opportunity to talk with her via FaceTime before she went to be with the Lord.  Shortly after, her aunt was hospitalized with Covid-19 and we praise God that she has now recovered!  With the increased travel restrictions Jordan’s parents have been stuck in the US since February after traveling back to help care for her grandmother.  We are so thankful that the Lord has kept them healthy and safe during this time.  They have just been approved to return to their home in Japan and have booked their flights.  Please pray for their safety during their travel home as they are deemed high risk.

Taj Fifth BirthdayMeanwhile here in Fiji, Michael and Taj both celebrated birthdays.  The kids helped decorate the house with balloons, handmade banners, and costumes from the dress up box to make Daddy’s day extra special and we all had fun making Taj’s 5th Birthday pirate themed!  We just finished reading Treasure Island, so everything pirate related has peaked his interest. Jordan baked him a special cake and we had fun with a small party.  Later this month, Jordan and I will be celebrating 13 years of marriage and we praise the Lord for all His kindness!

Prayer Requests

  • The local churches as they deal with many shepherding challenges, while meetings are restricted and Sunday services are performed online
  • Ministry resources that have been delayed, but are on their way to Fiji
  • Many Fijians who are currently out of work due to Covid-19
  • Fiji Bible College (including the students and teachers) as we continue to press on through the school year hoping to allow our graduating class to complete their program by the end of the year




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