Fiji Immigration Update

IMG_8445The other day, Taj asked, “Daddy, when are we going to move to Fiji?”

I replied, “I’m not sure Taj, but for now God wants us to wait here in Japan.”

Taj responded by enthusiastically saying, “But God wants us to help the people in Fiji!”

ThisIMG_0903 lead to a great conversation with him and ultimately helped remind us of how the Lord works. While the Lord has allowed us to make significant progress towards getting our work visa and we are now in what we hope will be the final stage with Fiji immigration, this conversation reminded us all that this time of waiting is not in vain. God calls us to be missionaries wherever we are. There are many future missionaries that desire to reach Japan. And there are many people here that we can minister to and share the gospel with during our days here. IMG_7748

The Lord reminds us to live each day anticipating His return (1 Peter 4:1-12; Revelation 22). Paul lived every day with intentionality, regardless of his location, whether it was Ephesus, Jerusalem, or Philippi. This applies to every single one of us who follow Christ. We could be called to our eternal home at any time. This might even be the day before we step foot into Fiji.

IMG_3109For now, we are waiting in Japan. We have had the wonderful blessing of spending time with many believers and non-believers. Last Sunday, I had the privilege of teaching in a small house church and we delight in these unexpected divine appointments.

Yesterday, the Fiji Immigration office said that it could take over a week to finalize our work permit. We Taj and Tori on Benchappreciate your continued prayers! The Placerita Bible Church team is set arrive in Fiji shortly and we have planned things so they can begin serving immediately. It is our hope and desire to be with them soon! We love you all!



One thought on “Fiji Immigration Update

  1. You are so dear!! We know God’s purposes cannot be thwarted, you have done all you can do & are demonstrating the true heart of missionaries as you use the opportunities before you each day. Love you & pray for to soon arrive in Figi.


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