Update – Prayer Request: Immigrating to Fiji – Almost, but Not Yet!

Yesterday after a day of phone calls, 2 different trips on our behalf to the immigration office in Suva (the capital), we received an update from Fiji. It was “Option 3” on our list of possible outcomes:

(3) Fiji Immigration tells us there is a Delay – If this happens, we will try to determine an estimated decision time-frame and aim to arrive in Fiji with the Placerita Bible Church’s short-term missions trip later this month.

While we desire to to get settled in Fiji as soon as possible and long to begin ministry, we trust that the Lord’s timing is perfect. From those we have spoken with in Fiji, such extensive delays are unusual. At times, it can perplexing and even disappointing when the Lord is calls us to wait – it can feel like we are the Israelites wandering in the wilderness waiting to be established in their new country. However, the Lord is gracious and His timing is perfect! We know that the Lord is clearly leading our family to ministry in Fiji and that He is overseeing each detail to make it possible for us to obey His call.  The Lord will have us arrive in Fiji exactly when we are supposed to be there!

As of this moment, we have many dear friends and ministry partners in Fiji who are diligently working on our behalf to help facilitate the immigration process and we thank the Lord for their help! Our hope is that if there is a continued delay, that we will be able to obtain a waiver allowing our family to enter the country while they finish working on our permit. We will keep you posted as we learn more and so appreciate your continued prayers for our family and ministry!

One thought on “Update – Prayer Request: Immigrating to Fiji – Almost, but Not Yet!

  1. Isaiah 40:31 comes to mind as I pray for you doing this time of waiting. May God reveal His glory to you in a spectacular way while you patiently wait on Him. Love you all!


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