An Answer to Prayer! – BABY #2

This is an Answer to Prayer!

Jordan and I have been praying for another child! After much prayer and discussion, we decided that it would be wise to try to have another child prior to moving to Fiji if the Lord so willed. Fiji is still a developing country and had a recent outbreak of the Zika virus, so being pregnant in Fiji is a legitimate concern. We talked with our doctors and determined it would be wisest to have a child here if possible, since we don’t know when the outbreak will be fully contained and the virus eradicated from the area we will be living in. Baby2

Current Ministry in Fiji

Jordan and I are so thankful for what the Lord is doing in Fiji!  We praise the Lord for the spread of the gospel throughout the South Pacific and we can not wait to be there in person! The great need for answers to life’s basic and common problems paired with a hunger for truth and desire to know what God says about these fuel our passion for the ministry in Fiji!

We are currently serving and doing the work of the ministry from the United States. Preparations for the 2018 Fiji Pastor’s Conference with Fiji Bible College are already well underway. We are making arrangements and finalizing details for this national Fijian conference scheduled for June. Our topic for this year is The Family, and we are thrilled to have Rick Holland, Ken Ramey, and Soon Yong Tan as the keynote speakers! We are also preparing the first women’s specific portion of this conference, which will be lead by Kim Holland and Kelli Ramey. We know the Fijian community will be incredibly blessed as they hear biblical truth on this vital subject.

In addition to the conference, we are building vital relationships with organizations across the US that will help provide resources and training materials. Through partnerships with several organizations we have received study Bibles, theology books, and biblical counseling resources for Fiji Bible College and we are currently working on securing funding to provide Logos Bible Software programs to the college and church leadership. The cost to obtain these resources and the remote location of Fiji normally makes these resources inaccessible to Fijian pastors, church members and islanders. It is a joy to be serving remotely and we are eager to be with the Fijian people soon!

Answers to Prayer:

(1) Bibles for Fiji – The Lord provided thousands of dollars of Bibles for the ministry in Fiji! I will be delivering these to Fiji Bible College and the Fiji Bible Churches this Fall!

(2) Ministry Partners – Our team of monthly supporters has been growing! This has allowed us to begin to cover many resources and 2018 Fiji Pastor’s Conference expenses.

(3) Partnerships with Organizations – It is a tremendous blessing to have like-minded organizations that want to spread the gospel and equip pastors in Fiji! These recent partnerships have led to significant donations of Bibles, training materials, and resources for outreach and evangelism!

(4) Baby #2 – We thank the Lord that, as Taj said (accompanied by exuberant hand motions) when he first hear the heartbeat in the doctor’s office: “The baby’s heart goes BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!”

Please pray with us for the work the Lord is doing in Fiji as we continue to progress through this wonderful journey!



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