It’s Official!

For those of you who have been following our journey to the mission field, you may have asked us “Who is your sending agency?”  Our desire has been to partner with Ambassadors for Christ International USA (AFCI) as they are already affiliated with the college Michael will be teaching at in Fiji.  This organization has also played an active role in supporting the men we will be working with at the college for over 40 years.

During the week of January 11-16, we had the opportunity to head to Dahlonega, Georgia to participate in our final step in becoming AFCI missionaries.  We were asked to join the Ambassadors for Christ team for their annual missionary conference so they could spend significant time with us as we prepared to join this organization.  This was our first interaction with the entire AFCI team and it was such an incredible blessing to be able to be part of it!


Leaving Los Angeles just as the Sun Started to Rise

I (Jordan) was a little nervous about the trip as a whole going into it.  In addition to my initial thoughts of “What if they don’t like us?” there was the reality of traveling with a 7-month old baby.  We haven’t traveled much with Taj and the only flight that could get us to Atlanta in time required us to leave our apartment at 3:00 am!  That sure throws a wrench in a nap schedule!  The idea of balancing a cranky baby while attending the conference made me a bit nervous, but this was a great opportunity for me to put the entire trip, our son, sleep, our desires, and our future right back in our Savior’s hands.  God had so clearly put all these pieces together to get us to a point we never anticipated – there was and is no better place to find rest, than in His perfect plan.
Michael and I had already been encouraged by the friendship, servant-mindedness and Christ-like care AFCI had provided us, but to personally get to see each team member in action was a special blessing.  We were met at


Michael with Wallace Francis and Torri

the airport by Wallace Francis, the Director of AFCI and Torri, a missionary in Bermuda.  They immediately jumped in and helped carry all our bags, loaded us into the car, and then treated us to every mom’s favorite place- Chick Fil-A!   Amazingly, Taj slept through the entire lunch and wasn’t nearly as cranky as I thought he would be!  Even during the first few minutes of conversation with these men, their love for the Lord and His work was evident.  We were able to hear a bit of Wallace Francis’ testimony of how the Lord saved him and his radical exit from professional football to serving the Lord full time.  If you have a moment, I would highly recommend you read a bit about him and his role in this amazing organization here.


The Lodge

It was about a 1-2 hour car ride from the Atlanta airport to Dahlonega, which is located in the north Georgia mountains.  Upon our arrival, we met the other missionaries attending the conference and were again so encouraged by their instant care and love for our family! Several of them had worked with the Fiji team and were a great source of knowledge about Fijian life, the current ministry there, and the history of the Bible College!  One of the missionaries there was Cathy Kreis who has written a biography about Dr. Nair and documented some of the amazing stories of the Lord’s provision to the school over the years.  What a treat for us that we were able to meet her in person and hear more stories from her about the amazing ways the Lord has shown himself faithful!


The Beautiful Grounds in Dahlonega, GA

The theme for the week was the Fear of the Lord and each day two missionaries taught on this theme.  It was a joy to hear godly men preach about our Savior and such a sweet time of refreshment!  In between these sessions, we also had a chance to hear ministry updates, enjoy times of corporate worship and prayer, and learned through training sessions lead by some of these seasoned missionaries.  The week we spent with everyone far exceeded anything I had hoped for.  Michael and I both experienced such sweet fellowship and encouragement from these new friends.  As a new mom, I couldn’t have asked for a more spiritually encouraging place to be for a week

Wallace asked us to share our testimony with the whole group.  Shortly afterwards, he had Michael interview with the leadership staff to provide an overview of his ministry vision and objectives.


Taj was Excited to See His First Horse!

After their interview, I asked one of the men how everything went and I was encouraged as he said, “you guys are a perfect fit, cut from the same cloth!”  His words were such an incredible blessing to me and reassuring that the Lord was again proving himself faithful in leading us to an organization that would be a great fit for us!  After a meeting for Michael and I with Wallace Francis and the final board meeting, we were given the official green light.  The Seehusens are officially part of Ambassadors For Christ!  (*insert confetti and streamers here!*)  We are so thankful, blessed, and excited to be part of this godly team of missionaries and cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us as we keep moving forward!



The Ambassadors for Christ Missionaries and Staff

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